Triboconditioning® is a mechanochemical surface treatment method patented by ANS. The treatment can be implemented as a superfinishing operation and carried out using standard machines, e.g. for honing, turning, or milling. The result is a smoother surface covered with a low friction tribofilm that reduces friction and the wear of the component.

ANS offers the Triboconditioning® technology on a license basis to component manufacturers and system builders.

How it is done

The ANS Triboconditioning® process combines mechanical burnishing with tribochemical deposition of a friction- and wear-reducing compound onto the component surface. A tool is pressed and sled against the component in the presence of a special process fluid. As the tool passes over the surface it triggers a tribochemical reaction within the process fluid which gradually deposits a low friction tribofilm on to the surface of the component.


Application areas

The ANS Triboconditioning® treatment is suitable for any machined parts that are made of steel, cast-iron and similar ferrous alloys. The process is especially suitable for components that are manufactured in larger series.