TriboNite® is a unique combination of a heat treatment and a low friction anti-wear coating, developed within the partnership between ANS and Bodycote.

TriboNite® significantly reduces friction and wear on nitrided/nitrocarburized components, building on the positive characteristics achieved with classical heat treatments.

A broad variety of applications can be addressed since the treatment is cost efficient and can be applied on a wide range of geometries.

TriboNite® characteristics:

  • Low friction
  • Enhanced wear resistance
  • Reduced corrosion
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Enhanced design feature
  • Improved aesthetics

Application examples:

  • Drivetrain components such as gears, differentials, bearings etc…
  • Powertrain components such as pistons, fuel pumps etc…
  • Various industrial applications such as rock drills, compressors, pumps etc…