ANS is proud to offer our innovative graphene-fortified low friction coating Tricolit®-GO, now also available in easy to apply spray cans!

Tricolit GO coating features low friction and high abrasion resistance, and can be supplied in bulk for professional use and in easy-to-use spray cans for DIY enthusiasts. The Tricolit GO! coating comes in a convenient semi-gloss black color.

Tricolit®-GO! has been developed within the strategic innovation program supporting the industrial graphene development in Sweden, SIO Grafen. The program is supported by the Swedish government agencies Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and Formas.

Tricolit®-GO! is available for 100 Euro per can. It’s a time-limited offer.

If you would like to order please send an e-mail to

ANS Tricolit® is a series of thermoset surface coatings serving to reduce friction and wear. Tricolit coatings can be applied by spraying, dipping or brushing and are suitable for treatment of non-ferrous materials which cannot be triboconditioned. The coating gives the component great tribological performance at a competitive price. Some beneficial characteristics are:

    • Cured film thickness from 5 to 100 um
    • Water-based formulations = zero VOC emissions
    • Work both in dry and lubricated contacts

How it is done

ANS Tricolit® is applied to the surface like a regular paint and heat-cured afterwards. The resulting coating comprises a balanced set of friction modifiers, such as WS2, BN, PTFE, and graphite, embedded in a cross-linked organic polymer matrix.


Tribological effect

    • Friction and wear reduction
    • Stick-slip reduction
    • Seizure prevention
    • Micropitting reduction
    • Corrosion protection

Application areas

ANS Tricolit® coatings are used for improving tribological properties of various parts (e.g. guide bars, rails, slideways) in those cases where use of Triboconditioning® is not feasible (e.g. because of complex geometry, chemical incompatibility, inappropriate mechanical properties). The coatings are also suitable for servicing of parts which have already been in use.