ANS Tricolit®

ANS Tricolit® is a series of thermoset surface coatings serving to reduce friction and wear. Tricolit coatings can be applied by spraying, dipping or brushing and are suitable for treatment of non-ferrous materials which cannot be triboconditioned. The coating gives the component great tribological performance at a competitive price. Some beneficial characteristics are:

    • Cured film thickness from 5 to 100 um
    • Water-based formulations = zero VOC emissions
    • Work both in dry and lubricated contacts

How it is done

ANS Tricolit® is applied to the surface like a regular paint and heat-cured afterwards. The resulting coating comprises a balanced set of friction modifiers, such as WS2, BN, PTFE, and graphite, embedded in a cross-linked organic polymer matrix.


Tribological effect

    • Friction and wear reduction
    • Stick-slip reduction
    • Seizure prevention
    • Micropitting reduction
    • Corrosion protection

Application areas

ANS Tricolit® coatings are used for improving tribological properties of various parts (e.g. guide bars, rails, slideways) in those cases where use of Triboconditioning® is not feasible (e.g. because of complex geometry, chemical incompatibility, inappropriate mechanical properties). The coatings are also suitable for servicing of parts which have already been in use.