We are focused on improving the tribological performance of mechanical components exposed to friction and wear. Our technology can be used to optimize performance of combustion engines, bearings, hydraulic pumps and motors, turbines, compressors, conveyor systems, gear boxes etc. The ANS technology comes with a number of advantages:

    • Lowered friction and minimized wear
    • Low cost per treated component
    • Can be done in an industrial environment
    • Easy to implement in an existing production line

Today, we have two main surface treatment methods, ANS Triboconditioning® and ANS Tricolit®. Some application areas are listed in the table below.


ANS Triboconditioning® ANS Tricolit®
Valve train components Plan bearings
Valves and valve seats Dovetail slides
Cylinders bores Hinges
Piston pins Ball joints
Gears Metalforming dies
Bearings, slideways Conveyor chains
Extruder cores, dies Guide rails

To learn more about each technology follow the links below.