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Stockholm is a world leader in environmental technology and now it will be easier for foreign investors to find partners in Stockholm.Stockholm Cleantech Hotlist” is a toplist where the region’s hottest investment opportunities are presented to investors. At launch, the list contains 25 companies. Applied Nano Surfaces is one of them.

With theStockholm Cleantech Hotlist” we offer a quality stamp. There is a great interest in the region among foreign investors, we have a strong reputation in the scientific community and a lot of exciting companies. The list makes it easier for those who are looking for investment opportunities, says Janey Mehks, Project Manager Cleantech at Stockholm Business Region Development. Read more here.

At ANS, we are working with the major auto brands and our customer base is expanding both in Europe and North America. As the USA is a key market for us, we are setting up a local sales company in the USA. It is the right time for us to further strengthening our presence in North America and we are now recruiting a Key Account Manager.

The role as KAM will be to guide our American customers through the test and evaluation phase all the way to full scale implementation. The person we are looking for will be a key player in our expansion in North America, have their own P&L-responsibility and build up a sales and support team over time as we expand. For more information, please check out Careers on our website to read more about the role or contact Nils Edlund, CEO to find out more:

Nils Edlund, CEO
+46 70 263 31 51

Tribology Days 2014, Sweden

ANS will be attending the Tribology Days 2014 in Gothenburg, Sweden, 15-16th of October. The event is organized by Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, in association with the Swedish Tribology Group, and hosted by SKF AB. The emphasis on the event is to present the latest news in Swedish tribology research.

Mikael Berg, Development Engineer from Applied Nano Surfaces will hold a joint presentation with Kjell Jansson, Senior Application Engineer from KmK-intrument about quality control of Triboconditioned® surfaces; “Use of area-integrating light scattering and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy for surface condition monitoring in a mechanochemical surface finishing process”.

Zlate Dimkovski from Halmstad University will present results from a joint project with ANS, Scania, Gnutti Carlo Sweden AB and Halmstad Univerity. The title of the presentation is “Process Optimization of Low Friction Surfaces in Pin-Roller Contacts”.

diplomANS was awarded the SwedNanoTech prize as the “Nano Company of the year”. Industrial relevance and robustness of the ANS technology helping customers increase efficiency and improve fuel economy were some of the winning factors. The jury announced ANS the winner stating:

”A company that has utilized nanotechnology for energy saving application to address to a broad customer basis, with a clear business plan and go-to-market-strategy.”

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ANS Tricolit® low friction surface treatment are now being launched together with Bodycote’s offering and the results will be presented at the AGA days May 21st.
Extensive testing of Tricolit and TP&C coatings has shown improvement in friction, wear and corrosion. In some cases the friction was reduced by up to five times and the corrosion resistance improved by a factor of 10.
By sharing competence and application knowledge between ANS and Bodycote, we are able to guide our customers to the best solution fit for their particular purposes.
Read more about the conference and see us at the AGA days where the exciting results will be presented: Click here

In order to further strengthen the company, ANS has recruited a new CEO, Nils Edlund and a new Implementation Manager, Dr. Lena Killander.

Nils Edlund has a long career and experience from various senior management positions within companies such as Seco Tools AB, FLIR Systems, Hexagon Metrology and ABB. Throughout his career Nils has gained a profound experience of production, industrialization, project management and leadership.

Dr. Lena Killander has more than 20 years of industrial experience in various engineering processes and positions. She has been working with industrialization and testing new technologies and products as well as leading several Product management positions in different companies in Europe, America and Asia.

+46 70 263 31 51

+46 70 222 42 01

ANS CTO Dr Zhmud is going to present “Enhancing the Tribological Properties of Cylinder Bores by Mechanochemical Surface Finishing” at the VDI Conference “Cylinder Bore, Piston, Conrod” in Baden-Baden, Germany June 03-04 2014.
He will cover the results of a joint study carried out in collaboration with Ford‐Werke GmbH, Cologne, Germany. This study shows that the ANS Triboconditioning® treatments of cylinder bores in Ford 1.6L i4 GTDI engine benefits fuel economy and engine durability.

You are welcome to listen to Dr Zhmud’s presentation as well as to talk to the ANS team that will be present with a stand at the conference floor.

Read more about the conference

As a part of our global expansion plan, ANS has opened new sales offices in Germany and in the USA. Andreas Storz is our new representative in Germany and from the office in Düsseldorf he will help ANS to develop and support existing customer projects on the German market, as well as Austria and Switzerland. Wayne Gears is our representative on the US market, with office in California. To get in contact with Mr. Storz or Mr. Gears:

Andreas Storz
Phone: +49 1522 34 35 606

Wayne Gears
Phone: +1 (310) 941-4495

Over the past few years, a variant of mechanochemical finishing process, developed by ANS and trademarketed as Triboconditioning®, has gained particularly large industrial interest, making a rapid progress from basic laboratory experiments to fully-fledged production trials. A recent study carried out by ANS together with Mahle evaluates the effects of Triboconditioning® on the tribological properties of cylinder liners for HD diesel engines. Come and listen to a speach by our CTO, Dr. Boris Zhmud, at the forthcoming OeTG Automotive Tribology Symposium 2013 held on November 28th in Graz, Austria.

We are expanding in Europe and we are now looking to recruit a Key Account Manager.

The role as KAM, will be to guide our German customers through the evaluation and test period all the way to a full scale implementation. The right candidate will be a key player in our expansion in continental Europe, will have his/her own P&L-responsibility and build up a sales and support team over time as we expand. For more information, please check out Careers on our website to read more about the role or contact Mattias Karls, CEO to find out more:

Mattias Karls, CEO
+46 70 348 35 20