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ANS and Bodycote launches a new solution for reduction of friction and wear at the 6th Bodycote/AGA Heat treatment seminar on May 26th

ANS and Bodycote are launching a new set of low friction and wear solutions, combining nitriding with a low friction coating. This new product is truly living up to the ANS business idea of offering cost efficient solutions to reduce friction and wear in industrial applications. ANS Product Manager Mikael Berg and MD of Bodycote Sweden Mikael Fällström will present and explain more at the seminar. Come and join us to learn more about our new solutions and new opportunities: Click here

We are recruiting both a Production Engineer/Technician and a Development Engineer

We are growing our customer base and moving forward implementing our offering in serial production with customers. In order to match the positive development of the company we are now looking for strengthening the ANS Team with two new team members: Production Engineer/Technician and Development Engineer. If you want to work on the front-line of technology development in the area of friction and wear with the global leaders in the industry then this is your opportunity!

For the Production Engineering/Technician position we are looking for candidates that have a solid production engineering background and that has experience in CNC machining and quality methods. For the Development Engineer job we are looking for candidates with a material science and engineering background that could actively support the development of our processes in customer oriented projects.


How does ANS Triboconditioning® help max up fuel economy with PC-11 and ILSAC GF-6 motor oils.

Dr Boris Zhmud, ANS CTO, will hold a presentation about “In-Manufacture Running-In of Engine Components by Using the Triboconditioning® Process: Compatibility with PC-11 and ILSAC GF-6 Motor Oils” at the STLE Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, May 15-19, 2016.
Please join us at the conference to learn more!

Cost efficient friction and wear reduction – ANS presents at the Aachen Colloquium Automobile and Engine Technology October 7th, 2015 together with Scania and Gnutti Carlo

Dr Boris Zhmud, ANS’ CTO, is going to present “In-Manufacture Running-In of Valve Train Components by Using the Triboconditioning® Process” together with PhD Lars Hammerström, Scania R&D, and Johan Mohlin, R&D Manager at Gnutti Carlo, at the Aachen Colloquium Automobile and Engine Technology on Tuesday, October 6th.

The presentation will cover results from treatment of Scania’s cam follower rollers. Both rig tests and engine tests have proven that the ANS Triboconditioning® is a viable and cost efficient solution for valvetrain components in heavy duty diesel engines. The pilot production tests have confirmed overall technological robustness of the Triboconditioning® technology, characterized by short cycle times, stable process operation and product quality.

Please join us at the conference to learn more. Welcome!


you are also welcome to meet us at our poster presentation during the Werkstoffwoche Dresden, September 14th – 17th!


Fuel Economy in Focus – ANS Triboconditioning® enables the use of low-viscosity oils, presentation at the 2015 European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit September 17th, 2015

The use of low-viscosity motor oils has a great impact on fuel efficiency, but increases the risk of wear and surface damage in the engine. The ANS Triboconditioning® helps protecting treated parts thus reducing such risks, making it possible to use modern low-viscosity oils.

A presentation on this topic will be held at the 2015 European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit by CTO Dr Boris Zhmud.

Please join us at the conference to learn more. Welcome!

Monitoring of the Triboconditioning® process by Acoustic Emission – ANS presents at the Tribology Days 2015, Nynäshamn, October 7-8th, 2015

ANS will speak at the annual Tribology Days which this year will be held in Nyköping on the 7-8th October 2015. The topic will be process monitoring of Triboconditioning® process by using Acoustic Emission (AE). This has been a part of the Swedish government sponsored FFI-project together with Luleå University of Technology. The Tribology Days is one of Sweden’s main conferences within the field of tribology and is always organized together with an industry partner. The host for this year’s event is Nynas AB (see

Please join us at the conference to learn more. Welcome!

Find out more at the following links: (in Swedish) (in English)

Gnutti Carlo, the global market leader in development and supply of high performance heavy duty valve train and fuel injection components, and Applied Nano Surfaces have signed a partnership- and license agreement.

We are very proud to announce that we are now a preferred partner of Gnutti Carlo, strengthening their competitive offering for valve train and fuel injection components with the ANS Triboconditioning® technology. Triboconditioning® improves performance and also enables cost reductions as compared to competing technologies like for example DLC-coatings and bronze bushings. ANS will contribute with core competence in tribology and support Gnutti Carlo with implementation and technical support. Gnutti Carlo will give ANS access to the global heavy duty valve train market supplying parts treated with the ANS Triboconditioning® technology to the worlds OEMs.

Read more about ANS and Triboconditioning®

For more information please contact Nils Edlund, CEO or Christian Kolar, Sales Director:

Nils Edlund, CEO
+46 70 263 31 51

Christian Kolar, Sales Director
+46 70 738 48 49

We are now looking to recruit a laboratory engineer to support our development of waterborne coatings. Qualifications: M.Sc. in Chemistry or similar and good knowledge of Swedish and/or English. A minimum of three years of laboratory experience in a coating field is required, including hands-on formulation experience with waterborne systems and knowledge of basic testing techniques.

The successful candidate will possess demonstrated problem-solving abilities, be customer oriented, self-motivated and interested to work in a dynamically growing high tech company.

For more information, please contact Dr. Boris Zhmud, CTO or Nils Edlund, CEO to find out more:


Dr. Boris Zhmud, CTO                                                  Nils Edlund, CEO
+46 70 937 13 10                                                           +46 70 263 31 51          

We are very proud to announce that Applied Nano Surfaces (ANS) and Bodycote have signed a license agreement enabling Bodycote to offer both ANS’ Tricolit® low friction coatings as stand-alone products and in a vast range of combinations with Bodycote’s ordinary offerings.

As a part of the license agreement, ANS will support Bodycote with our core competence in tribology and high performance Tricolit® products. Bodycote will support ANS with access to a global sales force, a large customer base and a ready infrastructure for applying Tricolit® for existing and new customers. The partnership will also grant the opportunity to combine ANS’ Tricolit® with Bodycote’s broad portfolio of heat and surface treatments (TP&C). Extensive testing of combined Tricolit and TP&C treatments has shown great improvements in friction, wear and corrosion. In some cases the friction was reduced by up to five times and the corrosion resistance improved by a factor of ten.

By sharing competence and application knowledge between ANS and Bodycote, we are now able to guide our customers to the best solution for their particular purposes. Read more about ANS Tricolit® here.