Master thesis at ANS, 2020-10-19

Development of a novel method for mechanochemical surface treatment

Applied Nano Surfaces (ANS) was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University. The company offers innovative solutions for friction and wear reduction and today ANS works with customers all over the world, among them several large manufacturers in the automotive industry. The head office is in Uppsala, Sweden, and the company has sales offices in Germany, Czech Republic and the United States.

Triboconditioning® is one of ANS’ unique technologies. It is a mechanochemical surface treatment method which gives a modified surface profile in combination with deposition of a low friction tribofilm that has been successfully applied on applications such as engine components, rock drills, hydraulic motors, bearings etc.

During the last couple of years, ANS have developed a new method for mechanochemical treatment, Triboconditioning® CG which enables treatment of components with complex geometries, e.g. gears. ANS are involved in several programs focused on EV transmissions, where this new method shows great potential.

The work in the Master Thesis project will consist of further development of the new Triboconditioning® CG technology, with a study where different process parameters will be applied, analysed and evaluated. Evaluation will be made in collaboration with universities applying different types of surface characterization methods, together with friction and wear tests in the ANS tribolab.

We are looking for an engineering student with a background in Materials Chemistry, Materials Physics or other relevant areas. If this sounds interesting, contact Linus!

Contact person: Linus Everlid
073 – 053 89 75




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ANS is working with both international global leading customers as well as domestic customers in close cooperation. We are dedicated to support our customers and further build their competitiveness with our high-tech nano-technology.

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