Fuel Economy in Focus – ANS Triboconditioning® enables the use of low-viscosity oils, presentation at the 2015 European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit September 17th, 2015

The use of low-viscosity motor oils has a great impact on fuel efficiency, but increases the risk of wear and surface damage in the engine. The ANS Triboconditioning® helps protecting treated parts thus reducing such risks, making it possible to use modern low-viscosity oils.

A presentation on this topic will be held at the 2015 European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit by CTO Dr Boris Zhmud.

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Monitoring of the Triboconditioning® process by Acoustic Emission – ANS presents at the Tribology Days 2015, Nynäshamn, October 7-8th, 2015

ANS will speak at the annual Tribology Days which this year will be held in Nyköping on the 7-8th October 2015. The topic will be process monitoring of Triboconditioning® process by using Acoustic Emission (AE). This has been a part of the Swedish government sponsored FFI-project together with Luleå University of Technology. The Tribology Days is one of Sweden’s main conferences within the field of tribology and is always organized together with an industry partner. The host for this year’s event is Nynas AB (see www.nynas.com).

Please join us at the conference to learn more. Welcome!

Find out more at the following links:
http://www.ltu.se/research/subjects/Maskinelement/Konferenser/Tribology-Days-2015-1.128776 (in Swedish)
http://www.ltu.se/research/subjects/Maskinelement/Konferenser/Tribology-Days-2015-1.128776?l=en (in English)

Tribology Days 2014, Sweden

ANS will be attending the Tribology Days 2014 in Gothenburg, Sweden, 15-16th of October. The event is organized by Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, in association with the Swedish Tribology Group, and hosted by SKF AB. The emphasis on the event is to present the latest news in Swedish tribology research.

Mikael Berg, Development Engineer from Applied Nano Surfaces will hold a joint presentation with Kjell Jansson, Senior Application Engineer from KmK-intrument about quality control of Triboconditioned® surfaces; “Use of area-integrating light scattering and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy for surface condition monitoring in a mechanochemical surface finishing process”.

Zlate Dimkovski from Halmstad University will present results from a joint project with ANS, Scania, Gnutti Carlo Sweden AB and Halmstad Univerity. The title of the presentation is “Process Optimization of Low Friction Surfaces in Pin-Roller Contacts”.

ANS Tricolit® low friction surface treatment are now being launched together with Bodycote’s offering and the results will be presented at the AGA days May 21st.
Extensive testing of Tricolit and TP&C coatings has shown improvement in friction, wear and corrosion. In some cases the friction was reduced by up to five times and the corrosion resistance improved by a factor of 10.
By sharing competence and application knowledge between ANS and Bodycote, we are able to guide our customers to the best solution fit for their particular purposes.
Read more about the conference and see us at the AGA days where the exciting results will be presented: Click here

ANS CTO Dr Zhmud is going to present “Enhancing the Tribological Properties of Cylinder Bores by Mechanochemical Surface Finishing” at the VDI Conference “Cylinder Bore, Piston, Conrod” in Baden-Baden, Germany June 03-04 2014.
He will cover the results of a joint study carried out in collaboration with Ford‐Werke GmbH, Cologne, Germany. This study shows that the ANS Triboconditioning® treatments of cylinder bores in Ford 1.6L i4 GTDI engine benefits fuel economy and engine durability.

You are welcome to listen to Dr Zhmud’s presentation as well as to talk to the ANS team that will be present with a stand at the conference floor.

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Come to the “5th World Tribology Conference” that will be held in Torino, Italy in September 8-13, and listen to Applied Nano Surfaces’ CTO Dr. Boris Zhmud. The main objective of the conference is to provide a unique opportunity of discussion concerning recent progresses in tribology and strengthen the linkage between academy and industry. To meet up with Dr. Zhmud at the conference, please contact him:

Dr. Boris Zhmud, CTO
Phone: +46 (0)70 937 13 10
Email: boris.zhmud@appliednanosurfaces.com

Come and listen to Mattias Karls, CEO of Applied Nano Surfaces, speak about “Coatings for camshafts” at “Mötesplats för Tillverkningsprocesser” on the FFI conference in Katrineholm 21st of May.

ANS will attend Energimyndighetens conference “Energy-related R&D for Automotive 2013” in Örebro, Sweden next week 10th-11th of April. Come and listen to our CEO Mattias Karl’s speech “Lowering fuel consumption by minimizing friction”. Read more about it here. Interested to meet up at the conference? Please contact:

Mattias Karls, CEO
+46 70 348 35 20

A joint research project has started together with Gnutti Powertrain AB, Scania AB, Högskolan i Halmstad and ANS. The goal of the project is to reduce friction and wear in valve train components for heavy duty diesel engines and to study the implementation of ANS Triboconditioning® into full scale production. The project will be finished by the end of 2014.

A joint research project of ANS, Mahle and Nagel has been started in order to study the effect of ANS Triboconditioning® on the piston ring/cylinder liner tribology in heavy-duty diesel engines. This research proves that Triboconditioning® has potential for significantly reducing ring/liner friction and ring wear.

A technical account of research data accumulated within this project is to be presented at the 3rd International Tribology Symposium of IFToMM in Luleå, Sweden March 19-21, 2013. Read more about it here.