Vision and values

Our Vision

We are the world’s best partner for cost efficient friction and wear reduction.

The ANS Business Idea

We offer  innovative and cost efficient solutions to friction and wear in industrial applications.

Our Values

We are committed to our values and believe these are a key factor for our success and in our journey towards our vision.

We are curious, courageous and we are actively searching for new solutions. We have open discussions and we are careful to involve everybody’s ideas and contributions! We explore our team’s diversity in the problem solving process.
Team spirit
We listen and communicate knowledge within the team and with the customer in an effective manner. We take active responsibility, “make sure it happens” and we do our best. We are loyal towards each other.
We are down to earth and focused on results. We understand our customer’s needs. We have a high degree of professionalism which provides a solid quality. We are skilled and we know our technology; “Best in the world”.


Our company takes its origin from research carried out at Uppsala University/Ångström Laboratory in the early 2000. With this research as a foundation – Applied Nano Surfaces (ANS) was founded in 2007.

ANS has invented and refined the concept of tribochemical burnishing, turning it into an industrial process, known as ANS Triboconditioning®.

The ANS Triboconditioning® method has a clear value proposition – reduced friction and wear for a fraction of the cost of competing technologies such as PVD. The benefits of the ANS technology spread mouth to mouth and ANS recieved a lot of attention in press and also several awards, e.g. the Best European Surface Coating Technology in 2009.

During 2010, ANS moved to its own premises and built a tribology research lab and manufacturing workshop in Uppsala to treat various components e.g. camshafts, cylinder liners, piston pins, etc.
By today, ANS has grown to become a leader in the field of mechanochemical surface finishing, serving over 40 clients, including corporate giants in the automotive industry, and we are constantly looking for new expansion areas.

The Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden

Awards we have received:

Some of the awards ANS has received over the years